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Cover Ups

When you get a tattoo, the ink seeps into the inner dermal layer and stays there forever. Hence, it is difficult to remove the tattoo at a later stage.

Any tattoo enthusiast will, however, tell you that mistakes happen. You may not like your tattoo or may change your mind at a later stage in your life. Gatlinburg Tattoo Company, LLC offers cover up tattoos that help correct previous mistakes.

Our experienced tattoo artist will look at your existing design and carefully create a new design that incorporates or covers up the existing design. The artist will first develop the design on tracing paper. Once you approve the design, the artist will choose the colors. The choice of colors will depend on the existing tattoo. Most cover up tattoos contain darker colors such as black, blue and green.

Once the new tattoo heals, its ink will blend with the ink of the previous tattoo and completely cover it. You will not notice the older one at all.

Cover up tattoos can be tricky. You should always trust experienced artists. Gatlinburg Tattoo Company, LLC has been serving Gatlinburg, TN, area for 27 years. Their artists have the knowledge and expertise to handle every type of scenario.

They will also follow all the safety procedures. Your new cover up tattoos will heal quickly with minimal side effects.

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Here is a classic example of a great cover up by Lonnie.

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